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Flag On The Play

On this past podcast, we got a lot of reaction from our listeners regarding the “Red Flags of Dating” segment. Let’s start with the Red Flag that I provided which was a woman who has no calf muscles. Our male listeners got a big kick out of that one. For me, that is the only thing I find unattractive on a woman.

In my past, I’ve been accused of having a type. ‘Tony Love likes his girls thick!’ The optics from my past would agree with that statement, but I always saw it as me liking a woman who is curvy and has some shape to her. That’s just my preference. Ever since I saw the En Vogue video for their hit song “Hold On,” as they swayed their hips back and forth in their tight black dresses. My eleven year old mind had it set that I needed to get a woman like them. Plus it didn’t hurt that that particular video originated the Tony Love uniform, but that’s for another blog.

Now a woman who is slim in shape, with no definition, not having calf muscles is something I wouldn’t notice anyway. However, on a woman who possesses the curvature that catches my eye, there has always been something off-putting about the lack of calf muscles. Let’s be clear, I find that there is no personality quirk the ties into the lack of calf muscles on a woman. HOWEVER, the few women that I didn’t get along with in my life did not have calf muscles.

Now the Tideking is the original serial monogamous of the Ebbtide Crew. But at this point in his life, he no longer sees the Bright Side of Bad Decisions. So a few of our female listeners reacted to one of his Red Flags, which was a woman who enjoys brown liquor. I must agree that brown liquor simply hits your body a different way than any other alcoholic beverage. For New Orleans drinking veterans like ourselves, we’ve seen our fair share of women not being able to handle their brown liquor.

Sometimes brown liquor makes for a great evening for couples, but when she can’t hold her liquor, it is the worst! In the Tideking’s experience, an abuse of brown liquor has not gone well for him. Whether she can hold her own or not, no good decisions have ever come from a woman who loves her brown liquor.

The last Red Flag was from Raheem Goodell. He said when we get into the trenches of a relationship, us as men, find ourselves working harder on the relationship than the woman is. This one got a big reaction, not just from the listeners, but amongst the Ebbtide Crew as a whole. As a group, we pride ourselves on being there for one another and coaching each other off the ledge when needed.

It is very rare for men to communicate sometimes that we feel like we’re in this relationship on our own. When we have strong feelings and we’re at the point of not wanting to lose a good thing. We’re devastated when those actions aren’t return. Some men (like myself in the past) become passive aggressive and sabotage the relationship rather than communicate ‘hey! You need to step the fuck up or we’re done!’

I know our Red Flags were all over the spectrum. Our male listeners found another thing to look out for in this dating scene, while our female listeners will question the substance of our points of view. We shall find out on our next podcast where some of our female listeners vehemently requested that their rebuttals be heard. I speak for all of the Ebbtide Crew when I say we can’t wait for all of the smoke.

Tony Love

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