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Just Leave for Free

Our last podcast was one of our more chill ones. My virtual background was a picture of Twin with a bowl of chicken. He has been using this photo to promote his business, Beaucoup Boil. We were in good spirits despite learning that Batman’s father had passed away. We took a break this week to properly mourn his passing. Here is what we learned on the podcast:

1. There is a reasonable way for a grown man to get Mono. (Eat ass in the offseason Sam Darnold!)

2. Deshaun Watson will eventually get cut from the Texans due to his recent legal troubles.

3. The NCAA says fuck these hoes, do some push-ups or sumthin’.

4. Streaming for sports, movies, and television shows will be the future of all entertainment.

5. Lonzo Ball will be gone from the Pels after this season.

6. NBA GMs are the worst in all of professional sports.

7. Joel Embiid’s childbearing hips are not useful behind the 3-point line.

8. Kirk Franklin has nothing to be sorry for.



I want to touch on 2 of those things we learned from the last podcast. The first one being Deshaun Watson. The century old institution that is the NFL has shown their might once again. In lieu of potentially being traded from the Houston Texans, Watson has been hit with multiple lawsuits for sexual misconduct. Is it a coincidence? In less than a week, multiple accusations have come to light, painting Watson as a sexual predator.

For the most part, Watson has been presumed innocent during this media coverage. The outrage has not been overwhelming as it has been with other players who have had to go down this path before. However, this feels shady to say the least. The crime does not fit the character of the accused. But we have been fooled before with Michael Vick, Darren Sharper, and notoriously, Aaron Hernandez.

As I mentioned before, the sudden emergence of these accusations has a deep state operation feel to it. Watson wants to be traded from the Texans, and right now, he has the public support. The Texans front office has made mistake after mistake with team transactions. Living here in Houston, I can attest to the fair-weather attitude of the fans. Give them a winner, and they will simply show up. You have a winner in Deshaun Watson, but the Texans do not have a winning plan for him. Instead of making plans to move Watson and rebuild their franchise, this all has the feel of the Texans taking control of this theater plot.


Now it came out that legendary Gospel Artist, Kirk Franklin, is a real Dad. I mean he stepped off the metaphorical pedestal to parent his child. His son, Kerrion Franklin, decided to secretly record his father during an intense argument. The way he spoke to his son was completely out of character and the furthest away from the persona he has always portrayed to the public. I heard nothing wrong with what he said to his son. A few of his close celebrity friends have spoken out to support him and I agree that he has nothing to be sorry for. Man of the Church or not, you have to be a strong parent and sometimes vicious.

Even with my own kids when I fuss at them. They’ll tell me how it hurts their feelings and I remind them of what they want to be when the grow up. My oldest son wants to be an actor and director, while my youngest son wants to be an entrepreneur. In both of these professions, someone is going to constantly be on you, telling you how much you suck at what you do, and that you’re not good enough. Someone is going to compete with you and get in your face. I let my sons know that I won’t be the last person that tears them a new one, but it is up to them to determine who is doing that out of love or wanting to see their downfall.

Now I want to point out that we will never know what actually led up to that the point of the conversation. Kirk Franklin explained his side during his apology, but for Kerrion it may be totally different, and he makes no apologies and stands behind what he did. The only question I have to ask is what was his endgame in releasing this recording? At 32 years old, this recording was not going to make Kirk look bad, maybe if he was 12 years old, I can see it then, and perhaps the public would be more concern for Kerrion’s well-being.

From his perspective, I get it, Kirk Franklin as father may be a piece of shit in his eyes. The fact that he released this recording presents the optics of him really not having anyone in his corner. Someone saying, this ain’t gonna turn out how you think it will. Franklin isn’t an A-list celebrity, but he is important and makes a lot of money for more important people. Kirk Franklin simply just had to make an apology and he has moved on. Who knows what the future holds for Kerrion?


While Deshaun Watson and Kerrion Franklin’s situations are completely different, they have similar themes. From all accounts, Watson is heading in the direction to where Kerrion is already residing. Because of these accusations and civil lawsuits, the Houston Texans may be able to release Watson. I’m sure the Texans put an ethics clause in his contract giving them right to release him without penalty if such a situation occurred. It feels like this is where this situation is heading. Instead of having to make moves, the Texans can make him leave for free.

In the end, Watson and Kerrion will and have departed their situations with nothing. Watson can hopefully rebound from this and atone for letting the fans down. I just don’t see the upside for Kerrion moving forward. If he wants to reconcile with Kirk, he has a steep mountain of contrition to climb. If not, the perception will always be that if he were willing to ruin his Father, what ruthless gesture would he be willing to do to me?

Tony Love

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