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Keep That Same Energy or maybe not

We got through the first ever NFL Super Wild Card Weekend, the Divisional Round Weekend and it did not disappoint. We’ve had a few podcasts since my last blog post. Here’s is what we learned in the first one:

1. After requesting a trade, Carson Wentz ain’t starting for a good team ever again.

2. Justin Fields, of the Ohio State Buckeyes, may have a legit shot at the #1 draft spot in the upcoming NFL Draft.

3. In New Orleans, We don’t get star struck over celebrities.

4. Obama does not have the stroke I think most people thinks he has.

5. ’94 is an underrated year for Hip Hop.

6. Ladies in music, there is a difference between live performances and studio gangsters.

7. You have to do your research to find good R&B music and videos.

Justin Fields put on a show in the College Football playoffs against Trevor Lawrence and the Clemson Tigers. He definitely made up for last year’s playoff mental collapse at the end of the game against then defending champions Clemson. Dabo Swinney poked the bear on this one. Due to Ohio State’s limited schedule of just 6 games, many believe that the Buckeyes had no business being in the playoffs. Swinney said he had them ranked 11th in the nation. Ohio State were out for vengeance and answered all questions about belonging in the playoffs. Too bad Dabo didn’t keep that energy after Clemson loss.


On this recent podcast, Twin brought yet another antagonist opinion to the podcast stating that Deshaun Watson doesn’t pass his eye test and would go with Carson Wentz over Watson since both QBs are looking for fresh starts. Here is what else we learned:

1. After a defensive demolition of the Seahawks, the Rams will beat the Packers this weekend. (Umm . . . about that)

2. Equality amongst all American citizens will not happen in our lifetime.

3. Cross branding your athletic wear is highly unacceptable.

4. Who would leave to do their own podcast?

5. Chris Webber is a beloved figure in the history of basketball.


The last podcast we recorded on MLK Day. Raheem Goodell and I were still raw from the Saints loss to the Buccaneers. Twin didn’t make this podcast because he was taking a mental health day. We were pretty sports heavy this podcast, but here is what we learned:

1. Brees is done!

2. Lamar Jackson is damned if he do & damned if he don’t.

3. Memphis should not host an NBA game on MLK Day.

4. Devonta Smith was not on the scouting report for Ohio State’s National Championship appearance.

5. The Nets will not make it to the Finals.

The Saints loss to the Buccaneers to no fault of our own. Drew Brees 3 interceptions, 2 of which gave Tom Brady a short field to easily score. Before the game, it was reported that this will be Drew Brees’ last game in the Superdome. It was quite a shitty way to end a career if indeed it was his last. That performance was a culmination of all his doubters that I consistently heard say that he was finished, the arm strength isn’t there anymore, and he is only a regular season champ.

Drew Brees did a lot for the city of New Orleans outside of football. Unlike most professional athletes who live there, he actually lives in the city, embraced the community, and we embraced him back. Up until last year though, his goodwill was tested after his comments regarding players kneeling down during the anthem received a backlash that put a black mark on his stellar career. With the new info of his actual health status during the season, he was playing with a torn rotator cuff and a torn fascia, Drew was a warrior playing through excruciating pain. Yet in a way, it comes off selfish. The last 2 seasons, the Saints proved they can win without him, which asks the question, was Drew Brees our best chance to win these last 2 seasons?


On January 6, 2021, the U.S. Capitol fell victim to a violent insurrection incited by President Trump. While I was not surprised that something like this could happen, it just proved that as a nation overall, we have a severe lack of imagination. For at least a month leading up to Trump’s rally on the 6th, the news reported white supremacists and nationalists groups were producing a lot of internet chatter about the noise and havoc that they would be bringing to our nation’s capital.

To see the events that unfolded that day was a failure for law enforcement. Did all law enforcement ignore the internet chatter that was being reported? They simply were not prepared for a mob invasion. While there is blame to go around, I admired how DC Mayor Muriel Bowser got out front to say that the Capitol building and surrounding buildings are federal property and they do not fall under their jurisdiction. However, when they’re law enforcement agencies are in need of reinforcement, they are happy to assist.

The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) Chief Stephen Sund refused reinforcement the days leading up to January 6 and on the actual day. During the actual insurrection, the USCP put up a fight in some areas, but wore kid gloves in others, and actually allowed the mob in without conflict. Looking at this as a black man, I couldn’t help but think back to the Black Lives Matter protests. The USCP were heavily reinforced with the National Guard lined up on the U.S. Capitol steps. Where was that energy with this insurrection?

Last summer, I watched an interesting series from the History Channel called Finding Hitler. The premise of the show was that Adolf Hitler didn’t actually kill himself in a bunker in Berlin, Germany, but rather escaped out of Europe to South America. While exploring the possible routes he may have taken to get out of Germany, they uncover the massive might the Nazi Party actually possessed. World War II and the killing of 6 million Jews was only the tip of the iceberg. Leading up to WWII, Hitler terrorized a good portion of Europe and the Nazi party had set up shop in South America while the rest of the world ignored him.

Since WWII, our Government’s surveillance of our adversaries both foreign and domestic has intensified, but it has ignored our very own white supremacy and nationalism as a threat. The Government has a strategy for our foreign adversaries and for every minority in this country except white people. Black & Hispanic people can be sent to jail at the Government’s whim. Hispanics & Asians can be blamed for stealing jobs and be deported. White people can strive for the American dream without controversy and are free from any of these obstacles. There is no strategy to combat white supremacy because that is what this nation is built on. Why would you have a playbook that benefits the “other” teams as well?

Of course, Trump was condemned for inciting this riotous insurrection by both parties. Several members of his staff and cabinet resigned because of this treacherous act. The crazy thing about everyone’s shock and appall was that this is what tip the scale for you? Trump put kids in cages at the border, tear gassed American citizens during a peaceful protest outside the White House just so he can cross the street. He refused to condemn white supremacy when the opportunity presented itself. Yet there was no outrage, no one quit there jobs in protest.

Luckily, we have now sworn in a new President in Joe Biden who pledges to unite the country and to heal the wounds of divisiveness that Trump has caused during these past 5 years. Biden has a tough task ahead of him as we are finding out the Trump administration had no interest in being productive across the board. I just want some normalcy, and for people who voted for Trump to come back to reality and let go of the notions of conspiracy that he so easily spread. This is a tall order of hope that this nation needs in order to move forward. Time will always tell in the end.

Tony Love

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