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The Standards Are Too High

The spirit of Mary J. Blige was floating through our podcast because we may have had a Breakthrough with a few members of the Crew. The NBA Bubble continues to thrive with a few surprise stars. TJ Warren is an up and coming player that was contributing handsomely for the Pacers, but since the season restarted in the Bubble, he has become a beast of player. Dame Lillard continues to remind us that it is Dame Time, while the Bucks, Lakers, Clippers, and Raptors coast into their top seeded positions.

My Pelicans clearly forgot that they were invited to fight for a playoff spot. We have a once in a generation player in Zion Williamson who has brought us instant results, but let’s put him on a minutes restriction shall we. Changes need to be made before I can believe we are headed in the right direction. The rumors are floating around that Alvin Gentry is on his way out of the door. I welcome that change of leadership so that David Griffin can get the guy he wants in place. Hopefully Tyronn Lue can be the guy they bring in. Say a prayer for the 76ers.

For the past few weeks, the Tideking and I were waiting for some Raycon Ear pods to come in the mail (they arrived the day after we recorded this podcast). He brought to my attention our delayed delivery may be a result to the Post Office being slowed down by another Trump crony, Louis DeJoy. He has put in a mandate that has eliminated overtime for all Postal workers. As a result, this has delayed mail delivery across the board.

There are piles of mail building up in Post Offices across the nation and the consensus thought on this is Trump is sabotaging the mail-in ballot for the Presidential election. Now one of the bright sides to this is that he is politically alone in this tactic. Many of his fellow Republicans in Congress have not publicly endorsed this tactic because they themselves use mail-in ballots for elections in their home states.

Much of the Republican base uses mail-in ballots for elections in general, they rely on the mail for their income, medicine, and livelihood altogether. This gesture not only desecrates Democrats chances at taking majority control of Congress, but Republicans are potentially taking themselves out the equation by the hands of their “leader.” To put it simple, the Republicans are Tory Lanez, and the Democrats are Meg Thee Stallions feet. How is this a winning idea?!!!

For the third podcast in row, another Red Flag of Dating has crept its way in to the discussion. This was another Tideking special that made us think about this particular woman. His Red Flag was a woman who does not like R&B singers Anita Baker or Sade. Sade has always sung about loving a flawed man. Her love is stronger than her pride.

Now Anita Baker is a different beast. The man she sings about can do no wrong. I’ve always said I wish I could be as good as the man that Anita Baker sings about. Anita longs for him, whatever he is doing to please her he need not do anything else. She knows when she has messed up and it’s her own fault, and the kicker, is that she actually will apologize for it.

The Red Flag in this one is that a woman won’t work with a man that is flawed, nor will any man be good enough to treat this good. With this realization, Tideking realized that because of Anita Baker, it may be why his standards are too high when it comes to relationships. Will there any hope for our boy with this breakthrough? We shall see.

Finally, earlier this year on one of our podcasts during one of our topics, I revealed that I’d never seen a few cult classics, the most notorious of them being the movie Paid in Full. And yet since that discovery, I have managed to watch only twenty minutes of the movie. Tideking has been driven to borderline madness due to my lackluster attempts to watch this movie.

But NOT SO FAST, there was a revelation by the Tideking that shocked the Ebbtide Crew. Being a New Orleans native, Tideking has never been to the Essence Festival. He claims to have been in the city when Essence was going on and he hit the clubs, but never went to actual Festival itself. If there is anyone who needs to go to this, it is him. We all are music lovers, but he takes his music obsession to another level, and for him to have never been to this R&B Woodstock is a travesty in itself.

So my hope is he will lay off my ass for not seeing Paid in Full. Maybe his standards will subside until he makes that pilgrimage to Essence. Knowing Tideking, he will double down until I watch the movie. With the state of current pandemic, Essence Festival is not guaranteed to happen next year. The standard of urgency just isn’t there with this administration to save lives, to promote safety, or just come up with a solid plan. This was just supposed to last a few months and we would be back to normal. Perhaps our expectations of our leadership are higher than the standard of Trump’s regard of American lives.

Tony Love

(At the completion of this blog, Alvin Gentry was fired as Head Coach of the New Orleans Pelicans after 5 seasons.)

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