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You're Lucky If You Get Stuck

If you’re lucky in life, you’ll find someone you can grow old with and share all of life’s experiences. Fortunately, I found six of those people in 1991 when I moved to Ebbtide Drive in New Orleans East. The Ebbtide Crew, is what we like to call ourselves, consists of personalities that are extremely different, but very New Orleans. We all graduated from high school in the 90s, and as life so often does, it took us on our own journeys away from each other. Of course, we saw and spoke to each other every now and then, and especially on the holidays, but I think this separation strengthened our characters and helped shaped our identities outside of our crew.

So as the technology improved over the years since our childhood, several years ago we all were able to get on a group chat, and just like that, the Ebbtide Crew picked up where we left off from when we were teenagers. In our crew, there is the Tideking, the first one to move onto the block. After him, I’m unsure of the order of everyone else’s arrival. Then there is EZ Ed, Batman, Raheem Goodell, and the Twins. With the Twins, sometimes you don’t even have to say their actual name, you just say Twin, and somehow they know exactly which one you’re talking to. Then there was me, Tony Love, the last one to arrive on Ebbtide. When I met these guys, I had an instant connection to all of them, and as we hung out and competed in sports with one another, a bond was formed. Before I knew it, I realized I would be stuck with this crew for life. Being from New Orleans, there is a six degrees of separation that keeps us all connected and somehow or another, people I’ve met in New Orleans are somehow connected to this particular crew and other people on our little block.

After years of being on this group chat and our conversations going from intense, insightful, to absurd, the idea of a podcast started to float amongst us. So on August 12, 2019, we launch our first podcast. There are many podcasts on the web, and our New Orleans brand of humor, our viewpoints on Sports, Entertainment, Culture, and Politics can hold up with anyone. I found that this podcast arena has something for everybody. If you’re looking for the male perspective, we check that box. You want the viewpoint from a different region of the world, we got you. On the Trophyz & Medalz Podcast, we cover the most impactful moments of our times to the silly and mundane actions of the idiots of the day.

Give us a listen and you’ll find out why the Tideking questions the decision making skills of people from Alabama. You’ll learn from Raheem Goodell why it is important to know a woman’s credit score before you get involved with her. EZ Ed will unapologetically insert his Laker bias into any sport topic. The Twins will sprinkle in their South by Midwest wisdom by any means necessary. Batman will ask the impactful questions that fuels the podcast. As for Me, I will point out the details you weren’t looking for, or you simply didn’t care to think about, like why I haven’t seen the movie Paid in Full.

If you get stuck on our blog, we will provide you with things we missed on the podcast. We will provide opinions on topics in between podcasts. This platform will give you the listener a chance to comment, and offer your opinion. We don’t hold back and we wouldn’t want you to hold back either. Join us on our journey and we’ll make sure it’ll be one hell of ride.

Tony Love

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